The Interior Castle The Interior Castle

The Interior Castle Recording Studio is an extremely accurate recording /mixing room. The studio is used for recording small ensembles, as well as mixing and mastering digital projects. The room's unique design is done with reflective panels. These panels give a "live" feel to the room. The panels are tilted to keep reflected sound away from the listener. The engineer hears a clear, uncolored sound. RPG panels diffuse the sound behind the sweet spot.  Even though the room is small compared to most control rooms, the design of the room makes the acoustics enjoyable for mixing without any ear fatigue.   The room is alive, and very accurate.

Record your music at your home studio, but mix or sweeten your sessions here, at The Interior Castle.   Bring your hard drive over and mix!!!!


All circuits in the studio are processed through Equi=Tech Balanced Power units for ultra low noise levels and clean power.

Pro Tools HD 3 with D-Command

All Waves Plug-ins

Antaries Auto Tune

Sound Toys Filters

Speakers:   Westlake Speakers for Main monitoring and Genelics for second reference

Power Amps: Bryston

Pre Amps: D.W. Fearn

Reverbs: Lexicon 960L   and   Waves reverb plug-ins

Microphone:   Custom made Korby tube mics, Neumann, Brauner and Manley.

A Tape DDS4 unit is used for back up and retrieval of sessions. Software is Mezzo.

SCSI and Firewire Hard Drives are by Glyph

A Kurzweil 2500 keyboard is available keyboard with plenty of sounds, as well as Giga studio.  

Performer sequencer is also available.

Hourly price is $75.00 with discount blocks.

For more information call Mike at 412-371-4922.