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The Interior Castle's latest Christmas CD, "The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah", can now be downloaded via iTunes, CD Baby and other download sites. Our other CDs will follow soon.

We were in the process of enhancing the vocals and instrumentation on all the hymns and carols on our Christmas CD, "A Child Shall Lead". But, due to our dear mother's passing, we were unable to complete this project by Christmas 2012. We are determined to have it completed in 2013. Thank you for your patience.

In early March of 2012, a routine blood exam revealed our sweet mother had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She stayed in the hospital for four days while the doctors treated her with chemotherapy, but it didn't really help fight off the disease. We brought her home and cared for her with hospice help. The only comfort we have is that we were all by her side, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, when she passed from this life. Because of this, we know Jesus was with her as she stood before God the Father, the Just Judge. Jesus stood with her as the merciful Savior ----as He promised.

We miss her terribly, but we carry with us her legacy of love. She instilled in us a love for our Catholic faith, and all that it encompasses. She instilled in us a love of music, teaching us to appreciate all kinds of music from opera to popular styles. Music was constantly heard throughout our home. As children, we remember there was always a radio or "record" being played. And last, but not least, she instilled in us a love and great empathy for all God's creatures, from human beings to the tiniest bug. We fondly remember in grade school, when she would insist we bring extra pencils and paper just in case there was a child who might be without. Her love for animals was an important part of our lives. She had deep compassion for the homeless and unfortunate, and at one time we had a house filled with nine cats and six dogs ---- all strays. So, it was very fitting that some of the donations sent to us upon her passing, were for animal shelters in her memory. Some donations were given to our family to send to an animal society or shelter, of our choice. We chose Coco's Cat Rescue, a non-profit organization with a no kill policy, dedicated to reducing the cat population in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We were emailed a picture of the little kitten our donation rescued. The kitten was about a month old, found in a garbage can with a broken leg. The rescue people named him, Hobbs (they name all their little rescues). It just so happened that our mother's absolute favorite comic strip was, "Calvin & Hobbs". Hobbs was a stuffed toy tiger belonging to a little boy named, Calvin. Anyway, we took it as a sign that our mom would want us to have this kitten. Well... we just had to adopt him. The cat rescue had to find a "mule" to fly with Hobbs to the states. A "mule" is a person traveling to the United States who is willing to transport a cat or dog with them. They landed in Chicago, but Hobbs had to fly as cargo, by himself, from Chicago to Pittsburgh PA. And so, after much effort on the part of the volunteers in the Rescue, and definitely Divine intervention, Hobbs "crossed the border".

We picked him up at the airport after waiting all Saturday afternoon, because his plane from Chicago was delayed. Since it was Saturday, we wanted to attend an evening Mass to fulfill our Sunday obligation. We made it to Epiphany Church in downtown Pittsburgh just in time, and Hobbs came in with us in his little crate. We sat in the very last pew in a corner, (and covered him with our Missalettes because the air-conditioning was extremely cold.). He was as good as gold. Guess you could say he is officially a Catholic, now. He has become a little ray of sunshine in our lives, and every time we see him we think of our precious mother.